Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2nd Amendment Flip-Flop SHOCKER! Paul Ryan Sides with Hillary!

Justin Sullivan, Mark Wilson/Getty Images

After the horrific Las Vegas Shooting this weekend, Hillary Clinton tweeted her stance against the NRA-backed legislation intended to deregulate suppressors (more commonly known as "silencers" to most people). She said the "crowd fled at the sound of gunshots."

Now silencers can greatly reduced the sound a gun makes, but not that completely - to where if the shooter in Las Vegas had had a silencer his shots would have been silent, giving him yet another tactical advantage over the crowd below. 

House Speak Paul Ryan (R-WIS) has announcing he is "shelving indefinitely" the Hearing Protection Act, introduced to Congress on Jan. 9 this year, part of which is intended to deregulate the purchase of suppressors - which are already legal, and the bill would make the process of purchasing them less burdensome. 

AWR Hawkins, the Second Amendment Columnist for Breitbart News, has the complete story

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